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Application and precautions of laser cutting machine
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The most common laser cutting machines are CO2 laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine.

   CO2 laser cutting machine, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and helium gas in accordance with the proportion, with thousands of times atmospheric pressure by a pair of positive and negative electrode, resulting in a laser, reuse cavity, laser beam are available, and derived by flying light path transmission to cutting head, the focus lens laser will focus on the machined part, using single laser radiation and high temperature melting, evaporation, ionization materials, combined with auxiliary cutting gas blows away the melting and vaporization, slotted ionized materials, to realize the cutting processing.

   Optical fiber laser cutting machine: it is to excite a large number of semiconductor tubes in a concentrated way and then couple some laser beams generated from them and transmit them to the cutting head through optical fiber.

Installation Precautions

   Many users think that CO2 laser cutting machine can be purchased back, connected to the electricity can be used, this understanding is completely wrong.The equipment also requires compressed air, cooling water, voltage stabilizing power supply, pressure reducing valve, three laser generating gases and two auxiliary cutting gases, as well as supporting facilities such as constant temperature room. In the case of dewar bottle, a reduced pressure vaporization device and a filter device are also required.


   Laser cutting machine has higher requirements on the environment.The vibration of the surrounding equipment will have a great impact on its machining accuracy. Therefore, in civil construction, it is necessary to set a ring of vibration damping ditch in the outermost part of the foundation.

   The design of the body of the laser cutting machine considers its own resonance to ensure the accuracy. Therefore, the constant temperature room cannot have hard contact with the body, and the main machine and constant temperature room need vibration damping sandwich and insulation layer.In order to reduce the pressure of the air conditioning system in the constant temperature room, the heat dissipation port outside the constant temperature room is usually set directly for the cooling device and the electric control box

The four major factors that affect the quality of processing

1) Laser generator: output power, laser mode, laser polarization, beam parallelism, laser straightness;Only the output power can be properly adjusted within the rated range


(2) Cutting head: Appropriate cutting lens, clean cutting lens, accurate focus position, nozzle type, nozzle size, whether the beam is in the center of the nozzle.


(3) Programming: Reliable cutting path and pre-cutting.The setting path of cutting program should be as simple as possible, and pay attention to setting microconnection and other functions;It is best to do a pre-cut to make sure it is correct before cutting

(4) Suitable process parameters: puncture point, nozzle height, power, cutting speed, purity of auxiliary gas and outlet pressure.

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