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Application and analysis of laser welding in stainless steel sanitary ware industry
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Laser welding is a laser beam fusion material with very high energy density. It has the advantages of fast welding speed, high strength, narrow welding seam, small heat affected zone, small deformation of workpiece, less subsequent processing work and high flexibility.Laser welding machine can not only weld common carbon steel and stainless steel, but also can use traditional welding difficult welding materials, such as structural steel, aluminum, copper and other metals, and can weld various forms of welds.

Laser welding features

    Modern stainless steel bathroom manufacturing on the welding strength and appearance of the quality of the effect is becoming more and more high, especially high added value and high requirements for welding quality components, can be done without follow-up processing or very little follow-up processing.But the traditional welding method, due to the great heat input, will inevitably bring the workpiece distortion and other problems.In order to make up the deformation of the workpiece, a lot of follow-up processing means are needed, thus increasing the cost.

    In addition, because of the fast welding speed and the large welding depth-width ratio, the welding efficiency and stability can be greatly improved.Therefore, laser welding in sanitary ware, stainless steel, glasses, mobile power and other industries in the application of manufacturing more and more common.Due to the extremely low heat input during laser welding, the deformation after welding is very small, and the welding surface effect can be very beautiful, the welding follow-up treatment is very few, which can greatly reduce or eliminate the huge labor cost in polishing and leveling process.Laser welding is carried out in a closed safety cover, and equipped with automatic dust extraction device, to ensure the health and safety of employees at the same time, but also to keep the workshop clean and tidy working environment.

Advantages of laser welding

    Compared with traditional welding, laser welding has obvious advantages, but laser welding has higher requirements on the machining accuracy of the workpiece and the fixture.To maximize the advantages of laser welding, reduce production costs and provide efficiency, the entire stainless steel production process, such as product design, laser cutting, stamping, bending and laser welding, needs to be optimized.It is found that the process of using laser to weld stainless steel products is not the main determinant of cost.Actual production experience shows that 70% of the cost of stainless steel products is determined by product design.In order to reduce production cost and improve welding efficiency, product design is the first step.In the initial product design, considering the requirements of laser welding on the workpiece, such as reducing the bending process in production, using laser cutting plate as far as possible, using self-positioning design, etc., will make the laser welding program and fixture very simple, thus achieving the goal of reducing cost and improving efficiency.

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