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Acctek, let's go in September!
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Jinan Youben Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. will experience unprecedented comfort in six days' tour in Yunnan in September. We will go to the Shilin scenic spot with the highest search rate of Baidu in Yunnan, and the most cool way to play along Erhai Lake in Dali -- [Jeep tour around Erhai Lake],
Drive straight into the Tiger Leaping Gorge, the first danger of the Yangtze River, to the Yulong Snow Mountain scenic spot, and then arrive at the scenic spot to visit the Yulong Snow Mountain scenic spot, which is known as "Oriental Switzerland".
Yunnan tourism, with its unique tourism resources, has been greatly developed in recent years. Yunnan is a good place for tourism. However, more preparations should be made in Yunnan in September
1. Take clothes: in September, the temperature in Yunnan is basically between 15-25 degrees, so the clothes usually wear long clothes and long pants. Because of the plateau, the temperature changes greatly, and it will be very cold when it rains. However, if it is sunny and the sun will be particularly dry, it is not too much to wear short sleeves
It is suggested that we should take more long sleeves. In addition, rain gear must be brought. Usually, when there is sun, it will rain.
2. Bring the mobile Internet equipment: basically all the hotels and youth travel agencies in Yunnan have WiFi, which is convenient to query information, online payment is convenient and fast, and you can pass the boring time on the way, which can not only relieve our fatigue, but also improve your excitement for tourism Degree.
3. Take sunscreen and common drugs: pay attention to sunscreen and altitude reaction, and take sunscreen, cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, etc.
4. Put on a hat: in October, Yunnan Tourism sun has strong ultraviolet rays to prevent us from sunburn.
5. Telescope: eyeglasses are also one of the essential equipment, which can let you have a panoramic view of all the scenery in the distance.
6. A backpack: in addition to a large suitcase, I also carry a backpack that can hold things. When I go to the scenic spots, I need to go on the road, so that it is much lighter and the large luggage can be sent to the hotel.

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