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Acctek, kunming Shilin Day tour!
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Today is the second day that Jinan Acctek Machinery And Equipment Company entered Kunming. Today's main scenic spot is the Stone forest scenic Spot of Chu Xiong in Kunming. It is the charming stone forest scenic spot carved by "natural carving machine" :
Kunming Shilin Scenic Area, also known as Yunnan Shilin, is located in Kunming Shilin Yi Autonomous County, 78 kilometers away from Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province. It covers an area of 350 square kilometers. Kunming Shilin scenic area is mainly developed as a tourist area: Shilin scenic area, black pine rock
(Is the ancient stone forest) scenic area, Flying dragon Waterfall (great water) scenic area, long Lake scenic area.
Kunming Shilin Scenic Area has been rated as "World Geological Park" and "World Natural Heritage Scenic Spot" by the United Nations Culture and Education Department. In 1982, it was approved by the State Council to be one of the first national key scenic spots, a national 5A class scenic spot and a national civilized Scenic TourSwimming area.
Yi nationality has dense branches
It is customary to spend three to seven days from the first rat day to the horse day of the winter month in the lunar calendar. The rest of the day or invited mountain hunting, or with the river fishing, but not allowed to farming. Women could do needlework, wash clothes, or keep house,
Also forbid to go down to do farm work. From the second day, young men and women can be invited to sing and dance in the mountains, love. At the end of seven days, all the clergy held a small ceremony in the forest, indicating that this was the end of the annual ritual.
"Mizhijie" is a festival for yi people to remember and reproduce the ancient social forms that their ancestors once lived in in a unique way.
The Torch Festival of the Yi people is held on the 24th day of the 6th lunar month. It is a traditional festival for yi people to light a fire to eliminate evil and harm, and to celebrate the harvest. On the day of the festival, men, women, old and young of villages and villages dressed in festive costumes, the annual celebration will be held in the wrestling field
Traditional festivals are held in the depths of the stone forest, on the shores of the Long Lake and at the foot of Guishan Mountain.
The Sani people of yi nationality, who have lived in shilin area for generations, have formed an ethnic culture represented by ashima. Ashima, sani's long narrative poem, was selected as one of the first national intangible cultural heritage, and has been translated into more than 20 languages and widely spread in many countries. The movie
Ashima is well known at home and abroad.
Plant resources
The national secondary protected plants are: red toona, Yunnan camphor wood, tricuspid fir, Beech wood, magnolia officinalis, Euzhong, fan fern, etc. The provincial secondary protection plants are: Small fruit south candle, cracked fruit paint; The province protects the plant to have: Dianxiang wood, tea bar wood, ten big merit, thorn yellow lotus etc.
Animal resources
Major wildlife include pangolin, civet cat, deer, eagle, starling, pheasant, thrush, woodpecker, caragana, magpie, hare, deer, squirrel, green bamboo mark, green snake, lizard, etc.

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