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Advantages and applications of multi-process CNC Router
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For the furniture industry, three processes, or two processes and four processes are the most commonly used when making cabinet door panels. Multi-process woodworking CNC Router is more complicated and more powerful than ordinary single-head engraving machine. When making cabinet door panels, the three common processes are contour carving, carving, and lettering. In this process, a single-head engraving machine requires three tool changes. Choosing a three-process woodworking engraving machine can solve this problem and avoid The trouble caused by the tool change to the operator is eliminated, and the production efficiency is improved.
Multi-process woodworking engraving machine is a woodworking machine that can do multiple processes. Multiple heads can be switched arbitrarily, which can easily complete the multiple procedures required for engraving, which effectively saves the cumbersome manual tool change in the middle. It is suitable for wooden doors and furniture. , Multi-process products in the production of musical instruments, our common model is AKM1325.
For multi-process woodworking engraving machines, servo motors are used in the drive system. We commonly use Taiwan Delta servo motors and Japan Yaskawa servo motors, which have the advantages of high precision and stable performance.
Whether to choose a multi-process engraving machine or a single-head engraving machine, it mainly depends on the needs of processing plates. If the plate you are processing is only relatively simple engraving or cutting, then a single-head engraving machine can meet your processing needs; if the plate you are processing requires multiple procedures, you can consider choosing a multi-process engraving machine. In order to improve work efficiency. Of course, in addition to the multi-process engraving machine, there are also automatic tool change engraving machines, which are all available. When buying an engraving machine, the most important thing is to consider the processing needs that suit you. This is the most cost-effective machine.
If you have other engraving or cutting needs, you can leave us a message, and our staff will introduce you to the most suitable machine according to your needs. I hope it helps you.

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