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AccTek Fiber Laser Cutter AKJ1530FB Installation Requirements
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1. Requirements for site size: the distance between the left and right sides of the machine and the front and back sides should be at least 1.2m from the workshop wall
2. Ground installation is required.Ground flatness ±10mm, can withstand more than 6 tons of heavy objects.When the foundation is installed, there should be no greater vibration around.Insert the steel plate into the ground according to the pin position map.The thickness of steel plate is more than 20mm, and the size is not less than 250mm*250mm
3. power requirements 1.Specifications: three phase five wire system, 380V50HZ, capacity depends on laser type and capacity.2. Mass: three-phase unbalance <2.5%, line voltage fluctuation.5%.Single-phase 220 v + / - 5%.Must be equipped with stabilized power supply: stabilized power supply can ensure the stability of the input voltage of the machine, so that the machine and the laser work in a relatively good state.Air compressors and fans should not be adjusted through the power supply of the machine to prevent power changes of high-power equipment from interfering with the laser power output. 
4. Protect ground wires.Make an earthing pin and ground wire near the machine.The machine can also be connected to the ground of the power supply.Ground wire resistance shall be less than 4 ohm.The total number of grounding pins shall be 3 or more.Material is pure copper or galvanized.The foot diameter is 15mm and the length is greater than 1.5m.
5. Environmental requirements require a well-ventilated, dust-free, corrosion-free, leak-free site environment.The control unit, servo unit and display are the core of the machine tool. The machine should be protected from electromagnetic interference and away from arc welding and EDM, so as not to affect the normal work of the machine and laser.
6. Crane or forklift is required for unloading 1.Crane: hydraulic crane/crane (above 10T, 4 groups of 10T rings, 2 10M long, 10T belt)2.Forklift: Forklift trucks can fork items weighing 10T or more.
7. Distilled or purified water is needed to cool the circulating water.Mineral water is prohibited.When the ambient temperature is below 0°, antifreeze is used, the main component of which is glycol.8. Preparation of materials before installation
Note: It is recommended that all the above air switches have no leakage protection function.If it has leakage protection function, the rated leakage protection current should not be less than 300mA, more than 500mA is recommended.If the rated leakage protection current is less than 300mA, leakage protection tripping may result.
Gas standard requirements for oxygen: liquid oxygen must be added to the evaporator and heated to the normal temperature gaseous state, high pressure liquid bottle 4.5Mpa, evaporator 4.5Mpa, flow 1.0m3/ min, output pressure 2.0Mpa.Nitrogen: liquid nitrogen must be added to the evaporator and heated to the gaseous state at room temperature. The high-pressure liquid bottle is 4.5Mpa, the evaporator is 4.5Mpa, the flow is 1.0m3 / min, and the output pressure is 3.0Mpa.Air: High pressure air is used to cut the substrate. Pure dry high pressure air is needed (maximum working pressure is 3.0MPa), and a dryer is equipped to filter water, residual oil and dust particles. After compressed air treatment, the dew point temperature reaches 25°, the residual oil content is ≤0.001, and the particle content is ≤0.01 micron.

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