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A customer bought a four-axis cnc router
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    A customer from Russia ordered a four-axis CNC router with automatic disc tool change. This is a professional 4 axis cnc router, big working size 2*4m. The cnc router includes Italy 9.0kw HSD spindle, carousel auto tool changer, Japan Yaskawa servo motor system. This wood cnc spindle is 4 axis, can rotate 0-180 degree, can drill horizontal hole.
    This cnc router adopts an automatic tool changer, which greatly improves work efficiency. The large working area can fully meet the needs of the work. The 9kw spindle can cut the material quickly and with high quality, and will not cause burrs to damage the material due to speed problems.
    4-axis milling involves the same processes involved in 3-axis machining, where a cutting tool is used to remove material from a piece to create the desired shape and profile. However, in the case of 4-axes machining, milling is performed on an additional axis. A 4-axis CNC machine operates on the X,Y and Z axes like a 3-axis machine, but it also includes rotation around the X-axis, which is called the A-axis. This is the 4th axis that’s added to our machining process. In most cases, the workpiece will be rotated to allow for cutting to occur around the B-axis.
    4-axis milling is useful when holes and cut-outs need to be made in the side of a piece or around a cylinder. They can provide quick and efficient work based off computer numerical inputs for precise results.
    The 4-axis cnc router has all the same axes of a 3-axis router plus the additional A-axis that rotates the spindle around the X-axis up to 180 degrees during the cutting process.
    This rotational axis allows cuts to be executed on multiple sides of the workpiece without resetting, while a 3-axis router can only perform cuts to one side of the same piece at a time. 4-axis CNC routers are the preferred method for advanced, intricate cuts and carvings like those often seen in furniture, musical instruments, cabinetry, and more.

    Features of cnc router:  
    1. The whole machine adopts seamless welding of steel structure, with strong bearing capacity and small deformation. Linear square rail, high precision, wear resistance and stable operation.
    2. Adopt disc type automatic tool change system, the tool change time only needs ten seconds, which saves tool change time and improves production efficiency.
    3. Split keyboard operation: concise, convenient and easy to learn. Users can quickly and flexibly master the use of equipment, with greater independence.
    4. Syntec control system. The intelligent processing cross-border protection function prevents mechanical collisions caused by the design layout exceeding the processing range. Intelligent processing speed control can control the processing speed separately, improve processing efficiency, extend tool life, and increase yield.
    5. File preprocessing function helps users correct errors in processing files in time, and is well compatible with processing codes generated by Type3/Artcam/Aspire/Solidworks etc. The three-dimensional curve prediction algorithm, the broken line is stable, to ensure the speed and accuracy of the curve.
    6. Dust collection and adsorption device: The dust collection system can absorb wood chips and debris during the processing process, and maintain the equipment in disguised form to keep the workbench clean; the six-zone vacuum adsorption table can be used for adsorption of different sizes of plates instead of The mechanical plate fixing in the past has shortened the loading and unloading time of the plate outside of processing.
    7.It has the function of breakpoint and continuous engraving after power failure, and automatic error correction function when returning to the origin, which effectively guarantees the processing accuracy when working for a long time.
cnc router

    Advantages of cnc router:
    1. 9kw ATC spindle and carousel tool changing magazine, the machine can change tools automatically during the work. 
    2. Except the spindle, we use high quality components on this machine like servo motors and servo drivers ( Japanese imported servo motor for your optional ), Taiwan Hiwin linear rails and TBI ball screw, Taiwan Syntec 6ME control system and so on.
    3. Machine base is produced by CNC machine, and machine base’s five sides are produced at one same procession to make sure the machine body geometry tolerance is standard. The frame is a welded heavy steel tubular construction that supports all the other parts of the machine.

    Structure of cnc router:
    1)9kw ATC air cooling spindle
strong power, can be widely used for different thickness materials, international famous brand, good using.
Smooth body, not easy to rust; powerful and longer lifetime.
Independent research and development, rational design.
    2)Cylinder positioning pop pins. (2 on X axis, 3 on Y axis)
It is suitable for the processing of large quantities of plates, without additional mechanical positioning, reducing the work of initial position setting and improving efficiency.
     3)Taiwan Syntec controller system 
The intelligent processing cross-border protection function prevents mechanical collisions caused by the design layout exceeding the processing range. Intelligent processing speed control can control the processing speed separately, improve processing efficiency, extend tool life, and increase yield.
    4)Servo motor :
Faster speed with signal feedback .Low heat radiation .Run smoothly at ultra-low speed.
Reduce the vibration ,avoid oscillation . Efficient torque enhancement .

    Application of cnc router:
    Woodworking industry: solid wood furniture, custom furniture, furniture decoration, musical instrument manufacturing, wooden handicrafts, art models, artistic font characters, logos, plate plane carving, artistic murals, screen relief carving and cutting, decoration processing, gift packaging, wave boards, Cutting the three-dimensional surface and shape of various wooden industrial products such as electrical appliances, sporting goods, etc.
    Mold industry: It can engrave various molds, wooden molds, fonts, aviation wooden molds, propellers, building models, sand table models, motorboat models, automobile foam molds, etc.
cnc router


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