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ACCTEK will participate in Industry Days International Industrial Trade Exhibition
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ACCTEK is about to participate in the Industry Days International Industrial Trade Exhibition in Hungary in 2021. We will display automatic tool changer cnc router, CO2 laser cutting machines, fiber laser cutting machines, fiber marking machines, laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines and other machines. These machines are all ACCTEK's popular products, which are loved by customers and are the first choice for old customers to buy back.
    2021 will mark the 15th anniversary of MACH-TECH International Trade Exhibition for Machine-manufacturing and Welding Technology as well as the 8th anniversary of reformation of INDUSTRY DAYS International Industrial Trade Exhibition, respectively. MACH-TECH International Trade Exhibition for Machine-manufacturing and Welding Technology as well as INDUSTRY DAYS International Industrial Trade Exhibition will be held again in HUNGEXPO Budapest Congress and Exhibition Center on 10-13 May 2021. ACCTEK participated in the Industry Days International    Trade Fair. This is the most important business gathering in the Hungarian industry. World brands, market leaders, and small and medium-sized companies are also held at the HUNGEXPO Convention and Exhibition Center in Budapest.
    In May next year, Hungary will bring another event in almost all industries, so that exhibitors and visitors can provide and obtain first-hand information about professional trends, and participants can take advantage of the existing synergy between various industries.

    Features of Hungarian Industrial Exhibition
The most prestigious Hungarian industrial exhibition, with an important regional role
You can see the products and services displayed by Hungarian and international professional visitors and major market participants
Tailor-made services can improve exhibition efficiency
The event features a wealth of professional programs and has received extensive professional and national support
High-end professional speeches, conferences and business forums welcome industry representatives and decision makers
There are 600 exhibitors and 20,000 professional visitors from 4000 companies from at least 30 industries in the CEE area. They will gather at the same time and at the same place to gain insights into the supply and market participants and the market. The latest trends, innovations and opportunities offered by various industries.

    At the upcoming exhibition, Industry 4.0 will once again become a key topic in 2021.
    Exhibitors will receive more attention when they showcase their solutions provided by Industry 4.0, especially the development trend of automation and industrial electronics, intelligent machines that communicate with each other (M2M), automatically adjusted manufacturing processes, and efficient mass production methods.

    Hygiene rules
The hygiene and hygiene habits adopted at the exhibition are in compliance with current laws and regulations, and we always monitor the situation and pay attention to any changes in the legal environment.
After modifying the operating rules, HUNGEXPO compiled the "POST COVID Handbook" and formulated the entry rules for entering the exhibition center area. The concept includes centrally regulated basic hygiene rules that can help the public comply with these rules, minimize the risk of infection, and ensure safe conditions for business meetings held in the exhibition center throughout the event.
The following are some examples of indicative measures in comprehensive post-COVID rules:
Thermal image scanning door with disinfection at the entrance
Every exhibition hall is disinfected daily
Hand disinfection equipment at many points in the area
Mandatory wearing a mask
Contactless device and method
Keep social distancing when necessary

ACCTEK is a company specializing in the production of CNC router and laser cutting machines. Since 2005 we have been based in the Industrial Zone of Jinan City, Shandong Province south of Beijing. 
    Our main products are AccTek CNC Routers and Laser cutting machines. Stock or custom configurations are our specialty. Components for our machines are sourced from world class suppliers and innovators in machine control. 
    These machines are used in many industries, crafts and arts businesses around the world. These include woodwork, metal and stone work, aluminum fabrication, boat building shop fitting, mold making, to name a few. Our dedicated and highly skilled after sales service department, sales team and thorough quality assurance procedures mean that you can buy with confidence. 
    We welcome customers and potential business associates from around the world. We can work together for mutual benefit. "Our business is to improve your business"

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