Heavy duty automatic tool changer CNC router AKM2040C

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More and more people are starting to buy CNC engraving machines. Among them, the most popular among consumers is the automatic tool change CNC engraving machine, which has an absolute advantage over other types of engraving machines.
More and more people are starting to buy CNC router. Among them, the most popular among consumers is the automatic tool change CNC router, which has an absolute advantage over other types of cnc routers.
Many customers repurchase this cnc router after ordering it from our company, and praise it a lot. What is the charm of this cnc router?
Main Features:
1. Extremely heavy-duty,with an 8-solts carousel tool changer,Accurate and rapid tool positioning.
2. Versatile:routing,drilling,cutting,side milling,edge chamfering ,etc.Boring unit optional.
3. Features world top class mechanical and electronic components,which guarantee stable performance and high finish quality.
4. T-slot vacuum table with great absorption strength-absorb on multi-zone or clamp with pop-up positioning pin.
5. Drilling head,Pop-up position pins optional.

Basic features of cnc router AKM2040C
1. Spindle
Its spindle is a 9KW ATC air cooling spindle.
The spindle is air cooling and water cooling. What is the difference between the two?
The water cooling spindle has good cooling effect, low noise, and low price. It is suitable for work that needs to process metal, stone and other materials in hot areas; the air cooling spindle has a built-in fan for heat dissipation, no coolant is required, and it is not easy to rust, which is very suitable for cold areas.
2. Automatic tool change device
8pcs/12pcs linear automatic tool changer. After the machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer, there is no need to manually change the tool when working, which greatly improves the work efficiency.
3. Control system
The machine adopts syntec control system. The stability of the syntec control system is very good, and the operation is simple and convenient, powerful, and easy to learn.
4. Electrical appliances
The machine uses French Schneider electronics. Schneider is an internationally renowned brand and its quality is very high. Safe and reliable.
5. Guide rail
The machine rail is HIWIN Guide rail. The guide rail is divided into square rail and round rail. The square rail has higher precision and better bearing capacity, and the machine uses a square rail.
6. Motor
The machine uses a servo motor.
Motors are divided into stepper motors, hybrid servo motors, and servo motors. The price of stepping motor is cheap, but the quality is worse than the other two; the popularity of hybrid servo motor is not high; the servo motor has good quality, high speed and high precision.
7. Vacuum pump
The air between the workpiece and the surface of the worktable is drawn away to form a negative pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of fixing the workpiece on the worktable.
8. Gear
Gears are divided into straight teeth and helical teeth. The machine adopts helical teeth, which has good occlusal performance, stable transmission, low noise, and large overlap reduces the load of each pair of gears and improves the load-bearing capacity of the gears.

1. Wood furniture industry
Doors; Cabinets; Tables; Chairs.
Wave plate, fine pattern, antique furniture, wooden door, screen, craft sash, composite gates, cupboard doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards and so on.
2. Advertising industry
Signage; Logo; Badges; Display board; Meeting sign board; Billboard
Advertising filed, sign making, acrylic engraving and cutting, crystal word making, blaster molding, and other advertising materials derivatives making.
3. Mould industry
A sculpture of copper, aluminum, iron and other metal molds, as well as artificial marble, sand , plastic sheeting, PVC pipe, and other non-metallic mold.
4. Artwork and Decoration
wood crafts; gift box; jewelry box
5. Others 
Relief sculpture and 3D engraving and Cylindrical object.
6. Stone industry
Stone serious engraving machine is mainly used in the engraving of the hard materials.
Such as marble, grantie, glass, stone,etc.

Payment :
1. We accept Western union, Moneygram, TT, Trade assurance of Alibaba, and you can pay 30% in advance, 70% before delivery.
2. The machine will be produced after received your deposit.after the machine is ready, we will show you the machine photos and the testing video.
3. After you agree, please finish the balance.Finally.we arrange the delivery.
4. Its need about 10 days to produce the machine after get your deposit.
5. All thing is tested well,then we arrange the delivery.

After sale service of AccTek:
1. 18 months guarantee of the whole machine. 
2. Main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge if there is any problem during the warranty period.
3. Lifetime maintenance free of charge.
4. We will provide the consumable parts at a factory price when you need replacement.
5. Machine has been adjusted before delivery.
6. Our technician can be sent to your company to install or calibrate if necessary.

Jinan AccTek Machinery Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacturing CNC Router and Laser machines.
Since 2005 we have been based in the Industrial Zone of Jinan City, Shandong Province south of Beijing.
Our main products are AccTek CNC Routers and Laser engraving and cutting machines. Stock or custom configurations are our specialty. Components for our machines are sourced from world class suppliers and innovators in machine control.
These machines are used in many industries, crafts and arts businesses around the world. These include woodwork, metal and stone work, aluminum fabrication, boat building, shop fitting, mold making, to name a few.
Our dedicated and highly skilled after sales service department, sales team, and thorough quality assurance procedures mean that you can buy with confidence.
Now we own two workshops,one for cnc router and another for laser machines. Which covers 3000,0square meters. There are 40 members in manufacturing and 21 members for marketing and service.
If you are interested in cnc router, please feel free to contact us.

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