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How to adjust the diagonal of the cnc router
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In the previous teaching video series, we explained a lot of cnc router knowledge for everyone, and the knowledge is more focused on the cnc router itself, and today’s content is related to the cnc router samples. We buy cnc routers to produce our own products.
A customer sent a picture of a sample produced by his machine. After comparison, his sample had errors. The sample should have been a square wooden board, but the four corners of the sample produced by the cnc router were not ninety degrees.
In fact, the solution is very simple, the answer is in this video, let us quickly find a solution.

B: What are you looking at?
A: This sample is a bit crooked, how could this happen?
B: This is caused by uneven diagonals of the cnc router. The solution is very simple, just adjust the diagonal.
A: I got it. Let's go to the factory to operate it.
CNC Router Diagonal adjustment 
1. Prepare tools, (Tape paper, Hex screwdriver, Tape measure,Tool,Wrench, Paper and pen)
2. The spindle returns to the origin and the coordinates return to zero.
3. Stick tape paper on the worktable directly below the spindle for marking, control the spindle to lower the tool close to the worktable, and manually rotate the tool to drill a hole on the tape paper.
4. Step 200cm along the y+ axis and drill a hole in the same way to make a mark, step 120cm along the x axis to drill a hole again, and step 200cm along the y- axis to drill hole. Complete the workbench mark.
5. Align the mark with a tape measure and accurately measure the length of the two diagonals. And draw a sketch to indicate. It's usually one of the two situations that I drew in the video. This video machine is Case 1.
6. In case one, the height of the right side is 4mm, and the right side gantry needs to be adjusted forward by 4mm
7. Turn off the main power of the machine and move the gantry to the y-axis limit switch and make its sides close to the limit switch.
8. Loosen the screws under the gantry on both sides (Loosen 3 screws two and a half turns and loosen the last screw one turn)
9. Remove the right limit switch and measure the length with a tape measure to adjust the length forward by 4mm.
10. After adjustment, tighten the screws on both sides of the gantry and repeat steps 2-5 to measure again. If there is no error in the data, complete the diagonal adjustment.
A: The video is a bit long, but don't worry.As long as you follow the video step by step, you'll solve the diagonal adjustment issue. See you next time!

At the end of the video, there is a summary of the operation steps. Friends can take screenshots and save them. We look forward to receiving letters or messages. If you are interested in our machines, you can visit our official website. thanks for watching!

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