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How to use air pressure gauge and water pump
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  A cnc router needs to be composed of large and small parts. There are many main components, such as spindle, control system, motor, inverter, etc. But these alone are far from enough, they cannot form a complete cnc router.
    In addition to these main components, there are many small parts that play a role in their posts, and few people know them.
    For example, clocks and watches, everyone knows that clocks include hour, minute, and second hands, but if a clock has only these three things, it must not work. The gears behind the clock and other parts are the basis for the operation of the clock, and they can form a complete clock.
    Similarly, the cnc router also has many inconspicuous but very useful parts. For example, air pressure gauge, water pump, etc.
    The air pressure gauge mainly detects the air pressure from the air compressor to the machine. The water pump is responsible for the cooling of the spindle. They are an indispensable part of the cnc router.
    Today’s video mainly explains the air pressure gauge and water pump for everyone, so that everyone has a new understanding and understanding of them.

Caroline: Hi, guys. The CNC Router consists of many parts.There are many parts, they look inconspicuous, but they play an important role.
Regardless of the small size of the air pressure gauge, its effect is great.The gauge mainly detects the air pressure from the air compressor to the machine. 
The failure of the ATC spindle to change the tool normally during the tool change is usually caused by insufficient machine air pressure. How to check whether the air pressure is normal?
1. Check whether the value of the gauge behind the machine is correct.
2. Check whether the alarm prompt of the system is turned on.
3. Find out the air pressure alarm option in the system and set to normally open mode. Appearing an alarm indicates insufficient air pressure.
4. Rotate the air pressure valve to the right to increase the air intake. After the air pressure reaches the usable standard, the tool can be changed smoothly.
The gauge is like a switch, it's an essential part of the machine.
The water pump is responsible for the cooling of the spindle and also plays a very important role in the CNC Router.How to install the water pump?
Water pump installation steps
1. Connect the main shaft inlet pipe to the water pump
2. Put the pump in a container full of water
3. Observe whether there is water flowing out of the outlet pipe by electrifying
Caroline: Today, I introduced the air pressure gauge and water pump, and their importance. thanks for watching!

In life, we may be like this little air pressure gauge or water pump. Although we are only a small part, each of us has our own irreplaceable place, which is unique in the world.
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