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Instructions for the use and installation of laser tubes

 Installation method of laser tube is as follows:

1) Laser tube is made of glass and is fragile.Avoid local stress during installation and use. 


2) During adjustment, the laser support point or the laser orientation is rotated to achieve the best output effect, and then the laser is fixed. 


3)) When using, please connect the cooling water first, adopt the principle of low inlet and high, adjust the position of the outlet pipe, ensure the cooling water is full of the cooling pipe, and no bubbles can be found in the pipe, then turn on the power.


4) Two supporting points of the laser tube should be at 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube to ensure the flow of cooling water at 2L-4L/ min;Otherwise, the effect is not good, will cause a jump mode, spot change a few points leading to power decline;Cooling water return outlet must be covered by water flooding in the water tank, otherwise the cooling water irrigation in the laser tube is not satisfied when the water is turned off and turned on each time. 


5) During the use of the laser tube, scale should not be formed in the cooling tube to avoid blocking of cooling water and deterioration of heat dissipation effect;If so, please deal with it as soon as possible. 


6) Rationalize the application of laser tube to save laser energy. Optimal point of laser tube's working current is 16 mA.


7) When using the laser tube, avoid dust accumulation near the high-voltage electrode and keep it dry. High-voltage end should be as far away from the metal as possible to prevent high-pressure ignition and discharge. 


8) Protect the output window of the laser, avoid the smoke sputtering to the surface of the output window in the working process (including the debugging process of optical path), prevent the outer surface of the output window from being polluted, and the power will decrease. At this time, absorbance cotton or silk cloth can be dipped in anhydric alcohol to gently wipe the outer surface of the output window; 


Common faults in laser tube use:

1) High-pressure lighting and discharge: check whether there is dirt and moisture around the high-pressure head and whether it is too close to the metal part of the machine;In addition, whether the high voltage connection device of laser power supply falls from the support, and whether the high voltage connection device is broken and damaged.


2) Short time light emitting cut of the laser tube: check whether the supporting point of the laser tube is reasonable, whether the water temperature exceeds 30 degrees, whether the lens is hot when working, whether the flow pressure of cooling water is normal, whether the cooling water is clean, and whether the above is normal, and then check the laser tube


3) laser tube light for only a second incision shallow: check the laser tube bearing point is reasonable, strong light set is too small, light path is offset, the focal length is correct, ytterbium surface whether there are scratches and dirt, the flow of cooling water flow pressure is normal, more than a few no problem will examine, the laser tube light mouth inside the lenses have scratches and dirt, if it is normal that is the quality problem of the laser tube itself. 


4) The laser tube ruptured and the cooling head fell off

1. Whether the water pipe will open the phenomenon. 


2. Whether the water pressure and flow are normal;Whether the direction of water flow is lower or higher.


3. Whether there will be bubble in the laser tube.


4. Whether the water temperature is controlled within the range of 25℃ to 30℃, the cooling water in cold areas shall not freeze, especially after the laser is shut down, the cooling water shall not be stored in the laser tube.


5. Whether the luminescence works under the control of water protection


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