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Summary and analysis of laser technology

Summary and analysis of laser technology:

   Laser cutting technology has always been favored with high cutting precision and high efficiency. Laser cutting of thin plate has a short processing cycle and can save the cost of mold opening to a large extent to replace stamping.Laser cutting application greatly expanded, but also in many aspects to replace the traditional plasma cutting, oxygen cutting, electric spark cutting and water cutting and other traditional processes.



   Compared with traditional arc welding technology, laser welding technology has smaller heat-affected area, smaller workpiece deformation, better joint performance, and can significantly improve the weldability of materials.Laser-arc composite welding technology combines the two welding technologies, which can effectively improve the welding speed and penetration depth, and reduce the high precision requirements for the gap gap by laser welding alone, and also improve the performance of welding seam by adjusting the metal wire composition.And in the automotive, aerospace and precision machinery and other fields, and gradually expanded to metallurgy, petrochemical, shipping and energy and other heavy machinery.



   Laser surface technology, such as laser surface quenching technology, laser cladding strengthening and repairing technology, has gradually replaced the traditional induction quenching, carburizing quenching, surfacing welding, thermal spraying and spray welding technology, and has been widely used in aerospace, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, petrochemical and energy transportation and other fields.Finally, laser cleaning technology, which USES laser beam with high energy density to ablate the metal surface, makes the oil, rust and organic adhesive on the surface of the parts instantaneously occur sublimation, gasification or combustion and takes off the high matrix surface.

Core concerns of laser process:

   Laser additive manufacturing mainly focuses on laser selection melting forming technology.Because this technology can realize integrated manufacturing, that is, multiple parts, multiple structures as a part, to achieve integrated manufacturing.


   Laser cutting of thick plate, the mature cutting technology can only be limited to the cutting of metal plate less than 20MM, the recent 10,000 watt laser cutting machine effectively solved this technical problem


   Laser high speed cladding technology.Laser high speed cladding technology has high deposition efficiency, good performance, high cost performance and no pollution to the environment.


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