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Application of optical fiber laser cutting machine in construction industry

   Optical fiber laser cutting machine is the most new cutting equipment, also widely used in the field of construction.Steel structure is gradually popular in the field of architecture, and steel structure has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high machinery, fadeless, color and color will produce tonal changes with different lighting angles.Steel structure is widely used in high-grade places, halls, art buildings and other buildings, so what are the re-cutting techniques?


Here are some common ways to cut steel:

Laser fusion cutting

   In laser fusion cutting, the workpiece is partially melted and the melted material is ejected through an air stream.Since the transfer of material occurs only in its liquid state, this process is known as laser fusion cutting.


Laser flame cutting

   Laser flame cutting differs from laser melting in that it USES oxygen as the cutting gas.With the help of the interaction between the oxygen and the heated metal, a chemical reaction takes place to further heat the material.For structural steels of the same thickness, the cutting speed of the method is higher than that of the melting method.On the other hand, the quality of cutting is worse than that of fusion cutting.It actually produces wider cracks, greater roughness, increased heat affected areas and poorer edge quality.


Laser gasification cutting

   During laser gasification cutting, the material evaporates at the slit, which requires a high laser power.In order to prevent the material from condensing on the slit wall, the thickness of the material cannot be significantly greater than the laser beam diameter, so this process is only suitable for use without discharging the melted material.This process is actually only applied to very small areas of black alloys.This process cannot be used for wood or some ceramics, which usually require thicker cuts.



Advantages of laser cutting

1) Fast cutting speed

Cutting speed up to 2-4 times the normal processing speed.About 13 m/min.


2) High cutting accuracy

Cutting positioning accuracy is about 0.03mm, which can meet most precision machining requirements.


3) Good cutting quality

Can realize the metal profile and metal bottom smooth cutting, no burr, no slag, time - consuming, cost - free secondary polishing process.


4) Narrow gaps

Narrow the slit to about 0.01mm to minimize material loss .



Equipped with intelligent cutting system, intelligent edge finding, automatic positioning, improve the utilization rate of plate, reduce waste.


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