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Laser cutting is the right thing to process glass products!
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In modern society, glass has been used in many industries, such as industry, construction, medical treatment, electronics and so on.Glass kind is very much, common for sodium calcium glass, say alkalescent glass again, basically be used at the domain such as industry, building.Glass with a thickness of 1 mm or less is called borosilicate or non-base glass and is mainly used in electronic equipment applications.


   Glass is a relatively transparent solid material, forming a continuous network structure when melting, cooling process viscosity gradually increased and hardened but not crystallized silicate nonmetallic materials.The remarkable characteristic of glass is its hardness and brittleness, which brings great difficulty to the processing.The traditional glass processing method is mechanical knife cutting.But the mechanical cutting efficiency is low, poor performance, fragile, easy to passivation, damage replacement.Laser cutting is difficult to achieve the requirement of no microcrack and edge quality, but it can solve these problems.


   Laser cutting is the use of a focused laser beam with high power density to illuminate the workpiece so that the irradiated material can quickly melt, evaporate, cut or reach the ignition point, at the same time, with the help of high-speed airflow coaxial blow away the melted material with the beam to achieve the workpiece cutting.Laser cutting is a method of thermal cutting.The cutting torch is not in contact with the workpiece during laser cutting, and the cutting tool is not worn.To process parts of different shapes, there is no need to change the "tool", only need to change the laser output parameters.Laser cutting technology has low noise, low vibration and no pollution.


There are two ways to cut glass
   Melting and cutting method: Use the glass softening temperature to have good plasticity and toughness. Pay attention to the surface of the softened glass of carbon dioxide laser and ultraviolet laser. The higher energy density of the laser will cause the glass to melt, and then use air to blow away the molten glass to produce the groove. Realize the melting and cutting of glass.
Crack control method is a commonly used laser cutting method in glass.
1. The laser heats the glass surface. Higher energy will cause the glass surface temperature to rise sharply, and the surface will produce greater compressive stress, but the compressive stress will not break the glass;
2. The rapid cooling of this area is usually achieved by cooling gas or coolant. The rapid cooling will produce a large temperature gradient and a large tensile stress on the glass surface, causing the glass surface to crack along the predetermined marking direction, thereby realizing the cutting of the glass.
    CO2 lasers are often used in glass processing technology. Choosing the right laser needs to consider factors such as wavelength, output power, beam mode, flexibility, cost, reliability, and whether it is beneficial to system integration. The wavelength of the laser light emitted by the CO2 laser is 10.6 m, and the glass can strongly absorb the 10.6 m laser. Almost all the laser energy is absorbed by the 15 m absorption layer on the glass surface, so the glass laser cutting system is almost equipped with a CO2 laser.

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