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Application of laser technology in advertisement printing production
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 Laser processing technology is a technology that USES the characteristics of the interaction between laser beam and material to cut, weld, surface treat, punch, micro-process materials (including metal and non-metal), as a light source, identify objects, etc. The largest field of traditional application is laser processing technology.


Laser processing system:
Laser, light guide system, machine tools, control system and detection system.


Laser processing technolog
Including cutting, welding, surface treatment, drilling, marking, marking, fine tuning and other processing technology.


Laser welding:
   Automobile body thickness plate, automobile parts, lithium battery, pacemaker, sealed relay and other sealed devices, and all kinds of devices that do not allow welding pollution and deformation.

Laser cutting:
   Automotive industry, computer, electrical cabinet, wood die cutter, cutting various metal parts, and special materials, circular saw blades, the force that press a gram, spring washers, electronic parts under 2 mm with some metal plates, steel pipes, tin-coated copper plate, plate, lead plate, phosphor bronze plating, electricity boards, thin aluminium alloy, quartz glass, silicon rubber, below 1 mm alumina ceramic pieces, aerospace industry use of titanium alloy and so on.


Laser drilling:
Laser drilling is mainly used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronic instruments, chemical and other industries.


Laser heat treatment:
   Widely used in the automotive industry, such as cylinder liner, crankshaft, piston ring, commutator, gear and other parts of the heat treatment, but also widely used in aerospace, machine tool industry and other machinery industry.


Laser rapid prototyping:
   Laser processing technology, computer numerical control technology and flexible manufacturing technology combined and formed, mostly used in mold and model industry.


Laser coating:
Widely used in aerospace, die and mechanical and electrical industries.

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