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How to improve the cutting quality of optical fiber laser cutting machine
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After purchasing the optical fiber laser cutting equipment, they all want to improve the cutting quality. However, cost saving is often taken into account in the cutting process, and some even achieve the ultimate in saving, such as impurity of auxiliary gas, which ultimately leads to power attenuation.The cutting thickness and output power of optical fiber laser cutting machine are sometimes neglected when profit is considered.The following points for attention to improve cutting quality:

1. Thickness of metal materials

 The output power varies from medium to low power 500W, 1000W, and high power over 2000W.Optical fiber laser cutting machine with power less than 1000W is suitable for cutting carbon steel with thickness less than 10mm and stainless steel with thickness less than 5mm. These two types of products have very good cutting quality and fast cutting speed under the corresponding material thickness, which can guarantee the working efficiency and cost saving condition of laser cutting.When these two materials exceed the applicable cutting thickness, their cutting speed will slow down, cutting quality will become worse, thicker material will be unable to cut.


2. Cutting speed

 No matter the laser cutting speed is too fast or too slow, the high quality cutting quality cannot be obtained. Therefore, we should not only consider the improvement of work efficiency and speed up the cutting speed, or think that slow cutting can get good cutting quality. Only by choosing moderate cutting speed can we obtain excellent cutting quality.

3. Laser output power

 The higher the output power of optical fiber laser cutting machine, the wider the applicable scope of cutting material thickness, the corresponding cutting quality will be better, so in the early purchase process must be clear about their material thickness, type, etc., to avoid unable to cut or not get the desired cutting quality.In addition, the higher the match between laser cutting mode and material, the better the cutting quality.

4. Material surface roughness

 The optical fiber laser cutting machine has a good flexible processing method, which is not limited by the shape of the workpiece, but it cannot achieve perfect cutting effect due to the limitation of surface roughness.The smoother the material surface is, the better the cutting quality will be. Therefore, the stability of the machine tool is also very important. It is necessary to ensure the working environment of laser cutting.


5. Focus of laser cutting

 The focus position must be accurate in order to achieve the cutting.


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