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Laser stone carving technology and application
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Stone processing methods have grinding, sandblasting, carving, but these processing methods, after years of practical application, there are more or less shortcomings.For example, the cost of labor, product consistency is not high, processing precision is not enough.In recent years, with the application and exploration of laser marking machine in jade processing industry, ultraviolet laser marking machine has been able to effectively solve some of the problems.


 1. As for the previous "sand blasting" process, it is extremely labor-intensive.

Laser marking process eliminates lettering, stickers, sand blasting, paper removal and other processes.


 2. For the "mechanical engraving" process is prone to crack problems.

The narrow line width and peak power in laser processing can control the crack within the range that can not be observed by the naked eye.


 3. For the problem of "carving cannot be processed with small size pattern".

Laser engraving machine narrow line width, peak power can also be very good to solve.

Take the agate as an example:

    Agate belongs to stone material, Moell hardness of 7 or so, to the surface of the material carved out of 100 m depth, it requires the laser peak power density is high enough, can be in laser contact with the surface of the material at the moment, destroy the chemical bond on the surface of the material, make the surface of the material gasification instantaneous.The average power of the ULTRAVIOLET laser is above 5.5W, the pulse width is strictly controlled below 10ns, and the diameter & LT can be obtained on the spot focusing surface with appropriate beam expansion and field mirror.20 m, peak power & GT;13KW spot.This can not only ensure the most rapid destruction of the material surface, processing depth, but also do not melt dust, adhere to the material surface.


    In addition to high peak power density and narrow pulse width, high spot quality is also a crucial advantage for the problem of engraving fringe fineness.


  In addition, the hard material of agate and the large dust in the production site also determine that the laser used for processing must have a long time pulse and power stability.In order to pursue the processing speed, increase the per unit capacity, blindly increase the average power is not desirable.Agate is made of black material, better heat absorption in the process of processing, if blindly increase the average power, without paying attention to the compression of pulse width, can only make agate absorb more heat, which will lead to agate surface cracking, two will make dust fused to the surface of beads, so that the material scrap.

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