AKJ1325H high quality hybrid laser cutting machine

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AKJ1325H high quality hybrid laser cutting machine




Main features:

Laser mixing cutting machine cutting head: mixed cutting laser cutting head, also known as metal/non-metal laser cutting head, can also be called follow up laser cutting head, is an important part of the metal laser cutting machine.This kind of laser head is different from the common laser cutting head, which can cut both metal materials and non-metal materials.It is mainly used in the laser cutting machine with a power below 500W, and it can accurately track the focus position of the metal plate surface with the capacitor heightening system.With a Z shaft drive, it can move up and down to accurately track the focus position.




1. The dirt of the machine tool and guide rail must be cleaned every working day to keep the bed clean. At the end of work, the air source and power supply should be turned off, and the remaining air in the machine tool pipe belt should be drained at the same time.

2. If you are away from the machine for a long time, turn off the power to prevent non-professional operators.

3. Observe whether there is any lubricating oil on the surface of the horizontal and longitudinal guide rail and rack of the machine to keep it well lubricated!Iii. Weekly maintenance and repair:

1. Clean the machine comprehensively every week, clean the horizontal and longitudinal guide rail, drive gear and rack, and add lubricating oil.

2. Check whether the horizontal and vertical rail eraser is working normally, and replace it in time if it is abnormal.

3. Check whether all the cutting torch is loose, clean up the garbage at the ignition muzzle, and keep the ignition normal.

4. If there is an automatic heightening device, check whether it is sensitive and replace the probe.

5. Check whether the plasma cutting nozzle and electrode are damaged and whether it is necessary to replace the cutting nozzle and electrode.

Laser cutter





Metal: stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet and died board

Nonmetal: MDF, PVC, acrylic, leather, wood, paper, plastic, glass(only engraving) and so on. 

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